My Baseball Team 2015 App Reviews

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New Update

I have been using this app for 2 years now and opening week has just begun. I'm just wondering where the new update is. I've been waiting all week for it. So if you could kindly update it that would be awesome

Great Baseball App

Very well kept up to date app. A must buy to keep you informed on your Team standing. Tech support very pleasant to email JP

The best

It keeps me updated on the games when im not watching it

Love this App!

I've used this app for the past two years. I love it. I can follow my team, see the standings, schedules and final scores.

Excellent App!

This app works great! It is simple to use and works very well. Definitely recommended!


This is the sports car of baseball apps--quick, precise, streamlined. It will be your "go to" app for following your favorite team. It's quite perfect!


LOVE this ap because of its simplicity. Just select your favorite team(s) and track them all season long. Not a bunch of garbage loaded into it. LOVE IT ... LOVE IT ... LOVE IT!!!!

I love this app.

I've used this app for 2013 season. I like how it puts the team's enitre schedule on my calender..


Everything I need right here!

Like It!

Love it. Does just what I want and no more.


Works great and delivers the info that I want.


I love this ap but wish the pitchers were listed on schedule.

Does the job

Easy interface, provides the data I want, updates promptly. Just what I was hoping for.

My Baseball Team

When one needs to know what's going on in baseball, this is the app to have. Schedules, standings,records, it's all there. I use it every day.

Great App

Love this app, can keep up with my favorite teams much easier.


Love this app!!

Great App

I like the app very much. I get my favorite team's schedule and I can click a button to see when there playing the team's rival. Only downside is load time is slow.

Baseball 2013

This app is AWSOME I love it.

good app

This should be standard IPAD gear for sports fans. It is simple yet encompassing.

small computer

Great app.

Super App

I use this app everyday of the season! And, I love it! It's quick, clean and easy to see start times, network coverage, yesterday's and today's results, etc. I would love to see the posting of starter pitchers, as a previously submitted review suggested. Good stuff, keep up the good work!


Nice app. Quick update on game times and standings.


Great app; wouldn't be without it. I'm a tribe fan and this app keeps me informed as too the score with a beep & display on the home page.

Like the updates

It's good for updates but needs innings


I like this app because I can easily stay up to date with my team when I miss the games

Everything at your fingertips

The quickest and most convenient way to follow your team, division, and league.

Great App!

Great App! No problems with it and shows everything I need for my team.

Everything you need

In one app. It may not have a game cast, but it will give standings, a full schedule of your team along with up to date scores. Scheduled times are a plus!

Excellent App! Super easy to use

All the basics like standings are laid out, your team, times and scores. If you wish to look more in depth nearly everything is clickable. Great app, better than the newspaper

Works great

Smooth and accurate!

Nice little app

Nothing fancy, just a nice simple app that gives you what you need. Thumbs up.


Great app, I can get all the scores and game times in one place! Saves lots of time!

Very nice

Implementation is thoughtful. Elegant organization. Excellent!

My Baseball Team 2013

I love this app. Keeps me up to date on the score inning by inning. It's great.

My baseball team 2013

I absolutely love using this app on my iPad as it keeps me up to date on scoring, on my fav team, and on standings within the MLB.

My baseball team

This a great app. I can follow my team with ease. I would like to be able to use this app on my iPad.

MLB app

It gets the job done.

Great app!

Keeps me up to date on game times and what tv channel. Very useful.

Too Basic

The way everyone raved, I thought this would be a real time quick to update app. I'm still shopping...

Fab updates

Really, really good on the updates. Perfect when u r on the road a lot!


Very good, instant results

Great App!

Has everything I need to stay up to date with the Sox and their enemies!

Get this!

Great app for viewing favorite team's schedule. Before I always saved a PDF version, which can't show results and standings, or a website that was hard to read without zooming in. This app is perfect and the developer actually answers any questions I have. Great support.

Great App for baseball fans!

Just love it. Clean, simple, and I'm always up to date with my team.

Rockies fan

I've used this app for 2 yrs and really enjoy it. It gives me the information I need


Very cool!

Great AP

Keeps me up to date with my Tigers!


Good app! Tells me the score when I'm not able to watch the game and it lets me know when the next game is! Very nice.

Love This App

I have had this app for several seasons and really like it. I check it several times a day to keep up with everything around the league. It is also great to have if you are somewhere and can't watch the game. One of my favorites!!

Great way to stay on top of teams!

Great way to stay on top of teams!

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